Matter Conference Best Practices: Confort textil in interior spaces

Septiembre Arquitectura was invited as a speaker at the conference and round table Best Practices: Textile comfort in interior spaces organized by Matter Barcelona and sponsored by Lamadrid Contract.
An event to share perspectives on the importance of textile materials in our history, professional practice, and on the comfort and sensoriality they provide us.

Two of the co-founders of September, Sara Baldasano and Damian Figueras, presented the Tsinandali Hotel project where we can see how fabrics become relevant
when designing a project, giving it a special character.

The project, based on three pillars: culture, technology and nature, combines various inspirations to propose an abstraction of the seasons of the year
that we see reflected in each of the four floors of the building.

The fabrics become a priority element to express a visual and tactile concept, without being too obvious.
In the rooms we find a careful choice of colors, metals and textures combining velvet fabrics, natural fibers, rugs and furniture,
with a distinctive identity as you walk through the space.
An exciting and eclectic mix of traditional Georgian, European and contemporary design, developed through centuries of history.

The fabric ends up becoming art, what you feel. It is the transition between the human body and the physical around you.” — Damian Figueras


Thank you to Matter and Lamadrid Contract for inviting us.