MIQ project in the NAN magazine

From the wear and tear of an old house to an important historical archive, is the article that NAN magazine dedicates to our MIQ project.

In the heart of the old town of Sarriá, in Barcelona, a comprehensive rehabilitation of a single-family house between party walls has been carried out. The original richness of the house is more than remarkable, reddish tones, tiles and greens predominate, with hydraulic floors, brick and stone walls with Catalan volta roofs. Arriving at the rear patio, a wild nature surrounds you and reveals the small rear study. September Architecture feeds on this original richness and adapts it to new needs and uses. Promoting the overlapping of styles, which allows preserving the history, the spirit of the house and some of its construction details, and transforming it into a new reality. The work is a back and forth between the new housing needs and the recovery of the existing inheritance.