The AVE project is a comprehensive reform of a house located on Avenir street in Barcelona in the Galvany neighbourhood. It is a lively area of ​​bars and shops in the heart of the city. The apartment is located on the second floor of a singular estate with its own personality, built with brick walls, hydraulic floors and ‘Volta Catalana’ ceilings.

Of 70m2, it will be the future home of a young couple. Originally it had an excessive dividend distribution. The objective of the project is to turn the apartment into a design house without giving up a cosy home, where you can enjoy open and functional spaces that enhance natural light, starting from an economic budget.

The applied interior architecture completely restructures the original distribution, creating a functional program with two rooms, one of them a suite, a living room with kitchen and a guest bathroom. Thus avoiding excessive compartmentalization of the original distribution and enhancing the vision of the floor throughout its length and breadth. To achieve this feeling of “open space” we resort to a large sliding door that, when opened, connects the living room and the main bedroom. This interpretation of modern architecture uses the patio as the central axis of the house, enhancing the entry of natural light into all the rooms on the floor, and in turn creating a continuity that allows the segregation of spaces. Thus, the walls become a functional tool that, when stretched, allows the rooms to be separated from the day spaces and which, by housing a hollow structure inside, allows it to be transformed into a storage space that serves the kitchen and the dining room.

Septiembre Arquitectura proposes an interior design and a decoration that combine the original constructive elements of exposed work with the textures and materials painted in white, prevailing the contrasts between the warm tones of the work, the Catalan turn of the ceilings and the natural parquet flooring, with white walls, doors and custom furniture for the living room, kitchen and bedroom cabinets. In the bathrooms, the original hydraulic floor is recovered, forcing a visual and disruptive contrast with the lighting and the built-in toilets.

The result is a house with a design thought down to the last detail, making the space more flexible and enhancing the luminosity that contrasts with the materials of the original construction.


Septiembre Arquitectura, Sara Baldasano,

José Hevia