Garden Pizza

A restaurant is a service establishment whose objective is to prepare and serve food and drinks to satisfy diners. For us, too, it is responsible for offering comforts such as the feeling of being in a friendly and comforting place, well attended and with exquisite food. In this case, we were lucky that we are also surrounded by plants.

We entered an outside. That sounds contradictory but it is worth experiencing it in your own skin. By the way you eat some pizzas that you die.

In the renovations we do, under all the layers that make up the interior cladding, we find treasures. Random compositions of partitions that emerged organically and were transformed due to multiple reforms. Layers of paint, mortar, cement, tiling with all its possible combinations… We rescued that legacy because we believe that the passage of time cannot be recreated, and we conditioned it to eat the best pizzas on the planet, between floors.

Grupo Killfish

Septiembre Arquitectura, Damián Figueras, Sara Baldasano, Daniel de Reparaz, Pablo Gallastegui, Carmen Salas, Paola Volcoff, Loredana Furdui.

Dadra, Francisco Segarra, Ofelia, Bones Idees

Terrassa, Barcelona