The nobility of spaces depends on who inhabits it, a mere corner can be a lifeless space or a family’s favourite place, everything depends on the use you give it and its design. This family was very clear that a home is not created by chance, every detail has to be studied, reasoned and projected in coexistence with the user and the architect. The whole house, a triplex in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, Barcelona. It had been renovated years ago with a cosy and perishable style, all except for the kitchen area, laundry room and service room.

The commission consists of renovating this area, maintaining that cosy air typical of the home, but prioritizing the practicality, hygiene and functionality of a kitchen and the other functional spaces that accompany it. The design starts from the mixture of noble materials such as wood, with functional materials such as large-format porcelain and neolith for large countertop surfaces. The light tones are chosen, white for the most work areas, salmon beige for the office area and access corridor, this tone creates a transition between the most functional and therefore white area and the distributor and living room of the house, in tones orange yellows. The existing boiserie of the house is replicated, panelling all the walls of the corridor and office area, this allows to create a texture, at the same time, that conceals the doors that lead to the pantry and the service room. This boiserie extends in the office area creating a wall where the bench for the kitchen table is located; until you get to the breakfast area furniture.

The design stands out for maintaining an overall aesthetic but giving personality to each space according to its functionality. Obsessively warm lighting is the final key that envelops and shapes chosen materials


Septiembre Arquitectura, Sara Baldasano.

Carpinteria Soldevila, Cocinas Santos.

José Hevia