It is an architectural reform of a house on Pi Sunyer street in the Pedralbes neighbourhood in Barcelona. The combination of a post-rationalist housing block located in one of the most exceptional areas of Barcelona marks the characteristic context of the project. September Architecture uses this context as the common thread of the integral reform of the house. The result provides a contrast in the spaces through a special choice of colours. In the reception and distribution spaces, slightly darker and more intense colours are projected to contrast the living and kitchen areas with the lighter tones. The rooms have subtle but cheerful tones that differentiate the spaces according to their uses. When the doors are opened, the colours mix creating surprising combinations. The designers strike a good balance between a highly structured and practical home with elements of an enhanced, elegant character and a game point. Thanks to good planning and execution, an affordable transformation was achieved with a very high-quality result.

The reform of the kitchen and the reform of the bathrooms immerses the users in deep colours, with a lot of personality and easy to combine. The kitchen is expanded and reorganized in a logical and structured way for the daily life of a family. Appliances are integrated and all nooks and crannies are used creatively. High-quality natural materials such as Carrara marble were selected for the finishes in the surfaces that give light to the space. The other materials are chosen very carefully and are new materials that are revolutionizing the world of interior design. They are not only aesthetically beautiful but are high-tech, sustainable and unique in their characteristics. The working materials are water repellent, hygienic, easy to clean and perfectly suitable for food contact. The chosen characteristics are low light reflectivity, with an opaque surface and soft to the touch.

The distribution and forecast of all the facilities in the reform of the floor make it easy for each user to make their own interior design, their own distribution and offers various decoration possibilities. The finishes of the bathrooms create a space with materials typical of a luxury home without sacrificing functionality. A priori, it may seem like a minimalist house, but when the user discovers the number of details that are in the integral reform, a comprehensive design house is perceived, with a lot of character and with the possibility that the user integrates his personal point of interior design and decor.


Septiembre Arquitectura, Damian Figueras, Sara Baldasano, Maddi Urdampilleta.

Construcciones Varela.

Nacho Alegre y Mauricio Fuertes.