Tsinandali Festival in Radisson Collection Hotel

Tsinandali, in Georgia’s Kakheti region, sits in a lush mountainous landscape that’s renowned primarily for its historic wineries. The trees look like broccoli and mist is ever-present, giving everything a tropical feel. The area is also impoverished and difficult to access: the capital, Tbilisi, is a tortuous two hours away by car. To the untrained eye this is the worst-possible location for a classical-music festival. But then again, the place’s history makes it ideal for the purpose.

In 19th-century imperial Russia, Tsinandali was the home of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze. He entertained guests from across Europe, raised Georgia’s esteem in the salons of St Petersburg and kickstarted the country’s winemaking industry. Under him, Tsinandali was a multicultural realm where one could hear French, Russian, Armenian and English.