Parque de la Hoya

The methodological approach to the subject of the transformation of this place necessarily reflects a cultural attitude relative to the way of constructing the landscape and of appropriating a landscape with its own dynamics. Awareness that our interventions correspond to a period of time that incorporates a dynamic process in progress and a portion of space whose relational logic encompasses a much broader territorial scope than the simple scope of intervention of the project is basic.

Here is the notable principle that our interventions are inscribed, hardly, in an exact historical moment, which defines the condition of the moment in which it operates, but that this time is incorporated in natural time, of character and performance infinitely broader.

At the same time, also the absolute awareness of the historical width of the place, in all its expressions of solid monumental structures, of omnipresent archaeological burden or of deep symbolic and concrete roots of an ancient culture, allow us to locate, with great clairvoyance, the transformation that is now perspective.

Faced with an appreciation of a reality made of manifestations of extraordinary greatness, we present, as a fundamental principle for the development of the proposal, the awareness that the intervention should not try to be measured even with the magnificent expressions of the original geological forces (disturbingly present) nor with the weight of history, (that is the complex plot of times and rewrites that flood the whole place).

Junta de Andalucía

Opera, Septiembre Arquitectura, Daniel de Reparaz

Santi Fuentemilla, Samuel Martin, Joao Filipe Silva, Nuno Glvao