Casa Selva

This is a social, cultural project to improve the quality of life of a community that has a life expectancy of 25 years. We design self-built and self-sufficient homes, easy to assemble and assemble for tropical jungle environments. Based on a 2.44 x 2.44 cm modular logic, a structural grid with small spans is proposed.

The whole house is made of wood. The structural knots are designed so that the entire house can only be mounted with nails. Being a small grid, the structural framework remains rigid with small sections of wood, so that all the pieces that make up the house can be transported and assembled by hand.

The Casa Selva works 1m above the ground to allow possible currents that may form with heavy rains to pass and to keep away possible animals that may inhabit the place. Both the deck and the bedrooms are designed to promote cross-ventilation and keep the house cool.

Apart from being elevated, the house is spatially organized by two half levels. At the bottom, there is a common space or room related to the kitchen and bathrooms. In the upper are the bedrooms. The communication between both levels is through a staircase, which serves as a bleacher, taking advantage of that space as part of the room, enriching it spatially.

The Selva house is also designed so that in case the family nucleus grows (thanks to the modulation and ease of assembly) it is easily expandable by building more rooms by lengthening the corridor.

Casa Selva also has a system of solar panels to give it electricity, rainwater storage, and a bathroom system with a septic tank and sanitary drainage.


Septiembre Arquitectura

José Tovar, Kelly Doran, Alex Saavedra, Alex Suriol, Alejandro Aranda, Edgar Sanchez.

Elena Calvache