Ema, a reform of a 230 m2 apartment located on Emancipación street in Sant Gervasi neighborhood, Barcelona. The program follows a family of 4 members, where the common areas, the kitchen and the dining room are given equal importance; as well as the private areas, children area and marriage area. A part is equipped with a guest or service room and a laundry room. The comfort and versatility of the use of the spaces, together with a sober and elegant design, ensures full customer satisfaction.

The project analyzes the existing distribution, and it is decided to keep the children area, which already has two large rooms with a central multipurpose area, which is used for both study and games. And keep the dining room, which opens onto a quiet and pleasant well-oriented terrace. On the contrary, the access to the house and the kitchen are redistributed, as well as the suite room, where they are also equipped with private living spaces. The importance of the privacy of the access, previously non-existent, is emphasized, for this a hall space is created that is not one hundred percent closed, to take advantage of the natural light of the dining room, for this a skin of slats is created and bathed in anthracite color both the ceiling and the walls. The game of anthracite gray and off-white is repeated throughout the house. Looking for the sobriety of style desired by the family.

The kitchen, which combines anthracite gray with oak wood, is located in the room closest to the dining room, allowing it to be integrated into it through the opening of large iron sliding doors, which allow you to play with the possibility of make the spaces independent to avoid odors, but maintain the visual relationship between them. In the bathrooms beige porcelain is applied to the walls, to seek warmth, these are broken down into independent pieces, to facilitate multiple use without losing privacy. Large mirrors and partitions with custom designed wooden handles are combined with large sinks with integrated spouts.

The original pine parquet is restored, which is combined with large surfaces of paneled wardrobes that merge with the doors that reach the ceiling. Geometry, proportion, linearity, sobriety and a special care for lighting and the use of natural light, summarize the concept of this reform.


Septiembre Arquitectura, Damián Figueras, Sara Baldasano, Maddi Urdampilleta

Construcciones Varela

Salva Lopez